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Sunday, 21 June 2020

Smart Phone Market Upcoming Opportunities, Future Scope and New investment.

Smart Phone Market Upcoming Opportunities, Future Scope and New investment.

*Making Communication Smarter:

Smartphone’s introduced another means for the knowledge lovers to fulfil their thrust and dreams.

How many times are you browsing the internet every day for news or other information which is important for you? Smartphones have influenced almost every aspect of human life. 

Digital media has significantly altered people's cultural norms and behaviours. Initially web searching occurred at a desk in an office, where a wire could touch a PC. With the advance technology, wireless internet has reached everywhere in the house, offices, schools and colleges.

Smartphones with more sophisticated computing features and networking than traditional mobile phones, entered the mass market in the late 1990s, but only gained popularity with Apple's iPhone launch in 2007. 

Through providing user friendly features such as a touch screen interface and a virtual keyboard, the iPhone has revolutionized the market. The first Android smartphone was launched to the mainstream market late in 2008.

 *From various devices to one:

Once, you may have wanted a whole bag to hold all the devices necessary for regular activities like a pager, a mobile phone and a PDA, a MP3 player, an e-book reader, a camera and a GPS system may also be needed. 

Via miniaturized hardware that incorporates a processor, speakers, a microphone, a GPS receiver, a Wi-Fi transmitter and a touch-sensitive high-definition screen into a mobile phone-sized unit, a smartphone brings all of the technology into your pocket. Across major consumer markets around the world, the adoption of smartphones has been enormous. Smartphone is the ultimate solution.

Smart Phone Market Upcoming Opportunities

*A magical revolution:

The early 21st century is taking in hundreds of thousands of smartphones. As well as its portability and programmability, the sensors integrated into the smartphone have made it a computer with almost unlimited applications. 

Smartphone is must now a day as it allows users to communicate and stay connected with each other. When huge numbers of people keep working, learning and communicating with friends from home, they spend more time on smartphones.

Smartphone applications play a major role in countering with the Covid-19 pandemic. Such devices are used to monitor infectious persons, provide instructions for self-quarantine, provide the public with the current contact and alleviate the pressure on healthcare workers.

While the smartphone technology begins to grow with the growth of the fifth generation wireless network, it will play a dynamic role in the development of healthcare applications, online education system, E-commerce, transportation, banking and finance sector, food industry.

With the added advantage of usability and portability, they have been the most pervasive communicative tool that people bear to communicate anywhere, anytime with everyone. Smartphone connectivity and internet is being increasingly accessible even in the most underdeveloped areas.

Today 's smartphones have taken the place of many other apps from our everyday lives. Internet-connected smartphones can run numerous Internet-based applications, such as emails, social media, geo-location, video sharing, etc. Smartphone is a personal trainer, navigator, tutor, timetable manager, entertainer, news source, etc. 

So in the new Covid19 lockout situation, it has become increasingly a wider means of contact, information and education on a worldwide scale, needless to speak of its use while people are bound to their homes.

*Smart Phone Market  Top Competitive Prospect:

Samsung Electronics, Apple, Huawei Technologies, OPPO, Nokia
Vivo, Xiaomi, LG, Lenovo, TCL, Gionee, Motorola, LeEco/Coolpad

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  1. Which country is the largest smartphone market in the world?

    1. China is world's largest smartphone market. But as per the 2019 ranking UK is on #1

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