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Monday, 31 August 2020

Workwear Market Qualitative Research, Prospect Strategy Analysis and Business Scope

Workwear Market Qualitative Research, Prospect Strategy Analysis and Business Scope

                     *Clothing people at work- Work Wear Market*

*Overview of Work Wear Market:

Work wear is often worn by people who work in the professional industry, and companies have made it mandatory during working hours to wear the work wear in. Most companies, particularly in the manufacturing sector such as retail, foods, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare, automotive, defence, FMCG etc. provide their staff with uniforms. 

Growth in the services industry has resulted in large scale employment due to the emergence of new employment opportunities. Overall, the service sector accounts for around 60 per cent of GDP. Growing penetration of the services sector provides an immense potential for the global work wear market.

Work wear covers formal wear, industrial, and uniforms.  Industrial work wear provides workers with durability and protection, and also safeguards against possible hazards. The individuals who work in the private sector wear corporate work wear and have a standard job from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Workwear Market Qualitative Research

*The Importance and Benefits of Work Wear*

Industrial work wear is used mainly in manufacturing. Manufacturing industries employ a lot of people during the working hours wearing industrial work wear. Manufacturing employees and similar industries such as automobile and oil and gas are highly aware of workplace hazards and are opting for uniforms rather than informal wear. 

Growing female employment has contributed to an increase in the global work wear industry.

Increased organizational awareness of the advantages of work wear such as simple recognition, workplace safety, etc. Hospitals have made it compulsory for their staff to wear clean and neat uniforms so that patients and their families can easily identify the staff at the hospital. 

For employees working in companies, uniforms are cost-effective as they do not have to purchase different outfits and thus do not face extra expenses.

The advent of practical finishes in textiles has driven the work wear industry to expand. Stain repellent, breathable, immune to pills, peach finish, wrinkle-free, etc. are functional finishes that have been developed. 

Different manufacturers have developed their products technologically, with some company using vented technology in uniform work wear. With this system, vents allow air to reach the garments to avoid overheating, with their use of clear mesh panels allowing air to flow so that employees remain cool and relaxed.

*Segmentation of Industrial Work Wear Market*

The global market of work wear can be classified by type, gender, usage and region. Work wear industry can be divided according to type into corporate work wear, industrial work wear, and uniforms. Also it can be divided into male and female, depending on gender.

The global work wear sector is segmented on end-use basis and in terms of application like
  • Service industry,
  • Manufacturing industry,
  • Food Processing
  • Mining industry,
  • Oil & Gas,
  • Transportation,
  • Retail,
  • Automobile,
  • Chemical, and
  • Others.
Also work wear market is classified according to the distribution channel into Online Distribution Channel and Offline Distribution Channel.

Learning the significance of work wear of fine standards is valuable in many respects for company. A secure and happy workplace helps to create a stable and competent economic atmosphere which in effect improves productivity and long-term efficiencies.

*Workwear Market Competitive Prospect:

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (ABFRL), Alexandra PLC, Alsico NV, Aramark, Carhartt, Inc.
Cherokee Uniforms, Inc., Cintas Corporation, Dockers, Duluth Holdings Inc., UniFirst Corporation
V. F. Corporation, Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

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